2013 Winners

Alexander Ray Snyder, Cedar Cliff High School

Prize: Laptop

Alexander submitted a poster entry which outlined a “Ghost Out” event that he organized and carried out at his high school. For the Ghost Out, students volunteered to paint their faces white and spend a day acting as if they were ghosts. The ghosts symbolized teenagers who have died in auto accidents while practicing irresponsible driving habits. The student ghosts were not allowed to speak to anyone during the day, and each wore a piece of paper stating which unsafe driving behavior caused them to “die.”

View photos of Alexander’s Ghost Out project on our Facebook page.

Alexander explains his Ghost Out project as a way to help teens “understand the consequences of unsafe driving, such as texting and being impaired when operating a motor vehicle.” We felt that Alexander did an outstanding job of effectively and creatively conveying the Arrive Alive message to his peers. As the first prize winner of the Arrive Alive Contest, Alexander was awarded with a new laptop computer for college.

Alexander will be starting at Harrisburg Area Community College in the fall of 2013 to obtain his general education. He then plans to transfer to a business school to receive a PhD in Business Administration and Education.

Attorney Clark DeVere with first place winner, Alex Snyder
Attorney Clark DeVere with first place winner, Alex Snyder
Alex with his mom
Alex with his mom

Emily Swank, West York Area High School

Prize: iPad

For her Arrive Alive project, Emily created a video that displays some bad decisions a teen makes while driving his vehicle. The video illustrates what could potentially happen as a result of the teen’s unsafe driving. In the second half of the video, Emily rewinds time to show how the teen could have made better decisions while driving, in order to arrive alive.

Following high school graduation, Emily has plans to attend Harrisburg Area Community College and then transfer to an art college to major in Film and Media Arts.

Emily Swank
2nd place winner, Emily Swank

C. Gust Mantis IV, Cumberland Valley High School

Prize: iPod Touch

Gust entered a poster about the danger of distracted driving. His poster illustrates an iPhone with eight apps. Seven of the apps depict items that can be a distraction while driving. The eighth app on the iPhone is a smiley face, which represents the outcome of a teen driver with no distractions.

After graduation, Gust will be attending the Art Institute of York to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.




Third place winner, C. Gust Mantis IV
Third place winner, C. Gust Mantis IV
Gust's winning entry
Gust’s winning entry

Samantha Leask, Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School

Prize: iPod Touch

Samantha’s entry focuses on the dangers of texting while driving. The wheel chair in her drawing represents the tragedy that can result from a car accident caused by texting while driving.

After graduation, Samantha will be pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.

3rd place winner, Samantha Leask and her mom
3rd place winner, Samantha Leask and her mom
Samantha Leask 2
Samantha receiving her prize from Ashley and Amber
Samantha's winning entry
Samantha’s winning entry